About CSC

The College of Sustainable Citizenship (CSC) is a citizenship, sustainability & leadership training institute, based in Nigeria, with a focus on teaching individuals and corporate bodies about engraining sustainable best practices in the very core of their day-to-day activities.

We strive to be the academic, practical and experiential (APE) school to all professionals in Corporate (Collective) Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability. By providing training and workshop opportunities to citizens, we are building Nigeria – individuals as well as public and private organisations – to better understand the need for planning for the long term to the benefit of all.

Our Courses

Courses offered by the College of Sustainable Citizenship are tailored to achieve the strategic aspirations of the College and CSR-in-Action as a whole. These are achieved by offering courses at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels to individuals and corporates.
Courses offered at Beginner and Intermediate levels at CSC are developed in-house by CSR-in-Action and are delivered by CSR-in-Action staff (in partnership with consultants and field specialists where necessary).

Business Sustainability

  • Threat and Risk Analysis (TRA)
  • An Introduction to Sustainability Reporting
  • Sustainability Reporting Frameworks
  • GRI standards
    GRI Standards Sustainability Reporting Training (GRI-Certified)

Sustainable Leadership

  • Transformational Leadership: Becoming a Leader Who Creates Meaningful Change
  • Equality and Diversity Management
  • Dealing with Cultural Differences and Difficult Behaviours - People...
  • Foundation and Strategies for Business Leadership

International Courses

  • Corporate & Social Responsibility for the Energy and Extractive-Industry...
  • Security and Social Responsibility (In Aberdeen Uk with partnership...
  • Local & National Management of Social Responsibility (In Aberdeen...
  • Energy and Mining Development, Opportunities and Threats (In Aberdeen...

Why Choose Us?

Tailored training solutionsOur bespoke training programmes are tailored to meet the identified needs of corporate organizations by providing unique training sessions. We offer open trainings based on a specially designed course structure to corporates and individuals

Our Experts Courses are delivered by certified professionals and internationally recognized bodies, all of whom are specialist experts in their field.

Partnership The College of Sustainable Citizenship partners with locally and internationally recognized academic institutions to provide up-to-date and well-structured courses to participants. Some of our partnerships include, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Amsterdam and Robert Gordon University (RGU) Aberdeen