Road to SITEI - Investor-Readiness Workshop

Having noticed the dearth of knowledge existing in the mining sector, the College of Sustainable Citizenship and her international and local partners will be organizing a pre-SITEI training.

Investor-Readiness Workshop

In 2018, the Road to SITEI workshop will focus on training extractive businesses on the latest green technologies available to the sector. We will work with our international partners from Robert Gordon University to train local businesses on recent technologies available in the sector, in order to enable them maximise output from operations, and also help them reduce their negative footprint. Our training will cover corporate governance and ethics for these small businesses.

Road to SITEI Workshop: Investor-Readiness Workshop Gain insights on:

  • Latest extractive technologies
  • Green technologies for the extractive sector
  • Reducing negative footprint

What you will learn:

  • Corporate governance, ethics
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Case studies and practical exercises

Date: Tuesday 24 April, 2018

Location: Abuja

To find out more about the Investor-Readiness Workshop, please contact us at or 09062634108


The Sustainability in the Extractive Industries (SITEI) Conference is an annual workshop, established and organised by CSR-in-Action, to bring together key stakeholders to discuss critical issues in the industries and stimulate meaningful exchange of ideas and best practices among key stakeholder groups and industry experts.

In the 2018 SITEI conference themed “Promoting Extractive Technologies for Sustained Growth”, discussions will revolve around the need to identify and promote areas in which extractive players within Nigeria may facilitate multi-sectoral collaborations to develop, adopt and promote technologies that will lower their running costs, increase profit margins, encourage transparency, curb capital flight, enable growth of the local economy, and reduce environmental degradation and social menace.

SITEI 2018 Objectives

  • Create awareness for the need to promote technology use in the extractive sector
  • Identify possible partnership opportunities available between extractive, science and technology, and communication industries
  • Promote advancement of conceptual and already existing local technologies; through patronage and vocational training
  • Encourage co-ownership of local technologies and patents
  • Promote environmentally-friendly and efficiency-driven technologies and practices in the sector
  • Inspire government and private stakeholders to create an enabling environment for the processing of critical raw materials needed to develop the extractive technologies like the steel manufacturing sector.

Conference Program

The discussions at the conference are tailored for professionals and leaders in the sector who are looking to gain more insights into the current dynamics of the sector. Topical policy, strategic, technical, and social issues will be discussed.


The SITEI 2018 conference is now in its 7th year, and has always attracted key stakeholders from the oil and gas, and solid minerals industries. At the SITEI conference, you will meet the following people in person

Global and local industry leaders, professionals, strategic decision-makers from across the extractive industries value chain

Government representatives, IOC leaders, and CSO professionals

20+ speakers, 750 delegates, 30+ exhibitors, 50 media.


Opportunities to exhibit your product and services to thousands of rich audience at the SITEI conference are available

Date: 21-22 May, 2018

Location: Abuja

For general inquiries about the SITEI conference, please contact us at or 09062634108

SEEP Roll Out


Resource extraction continues to fund the growth of many economies in the world today, including Nigeria. Unfortunately, the extractive industries have been bogged down with issues of human rights violations, violence, financial misappropriation and mismanagement and a host of other issues, such that it has been difficult to translate the financial growth with any sort of development.

In 2015, the 4th SITEI conference saw the birth of a post-conference Friends of SITEI Working Group dedicated to seeing that the recommendations made at the conference would be implemented accordingly. The result of this being - Sustainable Extractive and Energy accountability and responsibility, by incorporating sustainable business strategies into organisations’ operations.

The Sustainable Extractive & Energy (SEE) Principles (aka SEEP) are a set of principles established primarily for the Nigerian and then the African markets. In line with internationally recognised frameworks including Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations Global Compact and the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Guidelines.

Consequently, it is expected that SEEP will be adopted by the Federal and State Governments and will be cascaded through stakeholder engagements at public, private and especially communities using education and awareness generation on human rights, right to inclusive communities and financial inclusion.

Our Mandate

CSR-in-Action is looking to work with thought leaders in the extractive industries to roll-out SEEP in their various host communities. This would ensure business long term profitability, hinged on responsible and ethical practices, and facilitate cohesion across key stakeholders.

For organisations that are looking to roll-out SEEP in their host communities or want to find out more about SEEP, please contact us on