SITEI 2018 Programme

What To Look Up To At The Conference

  • Government heads and international policy makers
  • Hear from renowned speakers for the public and private spheres
  • Understand current government agenda and current global extractive industry dynamics
  • Networking opportunities to connect you to key decision makers
  • Topical policy, strategic, technical and social issues discussed

Attend, Learn, Network & Engage

In the 2018 SITEI conference themed “Promoting Extractive Technologies for Sustained Growth”, discussions will revolve around the need to identify and promote areas in which extractive players within Nigeria may facilitate multi-sectoral collaborations to develop, adopt and promote technologies that will lower their running costs, increase profit margins, encourage transparency, curb capital flight, enable growth of the local economy, and reduce environmental degradation and social menace.

SITEI 2018 Objectives

  • Create awareness for the need to promote technology use in the extractive sector
  • Identify possible partnership opportunities available between extractive, science and technology, and communication industries
  • Promote advancement of conceptual and already existing local technologies; through patronage and vocational training
  • Encourage co-ownership of local technologies and patents
  • Promote environmentally-friendly and efficiency-driven technologies and practices in the sector
  • Inspire government and private stakeholders to create an enabling environment for the processing of critical raw materials needed to develop the extractive technologies like the steel manufacturing sector.