SITEI 2018 Programme

What To Look Up To At The Conference

  • Government heads and international policy makers
  • Hear from renowned speakers for the public and private spheres
  • Understand current government agenda and current global extractive industry dynamics
  • Networking opportunities to connect you to key decision makers
  • Topical policy, strategic, technical and social issues discussed

Attend, Learn, Network & Engage

The SITEI 2018 Conference themed “Managing Conflict and Security in the Extractive Industries” will be packed with several insightful technical sessions, led by heads of government, business, CSOs and communities, international policy makers and other private sector stakeholders, discussing topical, strategic technical and social issues in the sector.

The aim of SITEI 2018 is for the industries to achieve an integrated package of services that support resource governance (management, participation, transparency and accountability), resource development, and environmental and social sustainability in extractive communities in Nigeria especially as these issues relate to the underserved - children, women and youth.

SITEI 2018 Objectives

  • Create awareness on the economic and socio-environmental impacts of conflicts and insecurity in Nigeria’s extractive business
  • Discuss local causes of conflicts and insecurity in Nigeria’s extractive industries
  • Identify best practice solutions to managing conflicts in extractive communities
  • Showcase companies and communities that have co-existed harmoniously over the years, as learning points for struggling parties
  • Inspire government to develop and implement strong legal and regulatory frameworks for conflicts and security management in the oil and gas and mining sectors.