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April 4, 2018
Attend SITEI 2018 and Learn How Your Organisation Can Manage Conflict and Insecurity
April 11, 2018


This is to inform all our stakeholders that there has been an update in the theme and focus of SITEI 2018; the new theme being Managing Conflict and Security in the Extractive Industries.

The decision to change the theme was made based on feedback from other engaged stakeholders in the sector which include potential speakers, sponsors and attendees of the SITEI 2018 Conference. These stakeholders stated that the pressing challenges facing their organisations at the moment revolve around security and conflict management and it is imperative that the scope of SITEI 2018 covers such issues.

This recent development also realigns with the fundamental goal of SITEI, which is to ensure fiscal justice in the extractive sector, in order for the gains of the industry to benefit critical but underserved stakeholder groups such as women and youth. And we know that these are issues that would have to be addressed for us to perfect our game as it relates to local refining. ‘Technology’ which was the former focus will be submerged within one panel session on each day, as it equally can be a driver for the accountability needed to manage conflict and for best-in-class security.

What SITEI 2018 will address

The assertion that conflict between extractive sector players and their host communities coupled with the susceptibility of extractive installations to security breaches are major challenges is quite axiomatic. These incessant conflicts and security glitches have a direct impact not only on lives and properties, they also continue to stall all efforts geared towards making the extractive sector sustainable and efficient. Chief of all is that these issues also contribute to the drawback in our economic growth as a country owing to the fact that the extractive sector is Nigeria’s cashcow.

Forging sustainability in the sector and advancing Nigeria’s economy requires that actionable solutions towards reducing conflict and security threat in the extractive sector drastically be provided.

Our engagement with our chief constituencies have determined that the focus of the oil and gas and mining sectors is on finding lasting solutions to conflicts and hatching strategies that will make extractive installations secure against invasion. Our focus this year will therefore discuss how we can manage conflict and promote best-in-class security in the sector.

The aim is for the industries to achieve an integrated package of services that support resource governance (management, participation, transparency and accountability), resource development, environmental and social sustainability in extractive communities in Nigeria especially as these issues relate to the underserved – children, women and youth.

Objectives of SITEI 2018

  • Create awareness on the economic and socio-environmental impacts of conflicts and insecurity in Nigeria’s extractive business
  • Discuss local causes of conflicts and insecurity in Nigeria’s extractive industries
  • Identify best practice solutions to managing conflicts in extractive communities
  • Showcase companies and communities that have co-existed harmoniously over the years, as learning points for struggling parties
  • Inspire government to develop and implement strong legal and regulatory frameworks for conflicts and security management in the oil and gas and mining sector.

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