CSO Professionalism and Effectiveness Therapy (C-PET) Workshop Series

CSR-in-Action is offering members of qualified Non-profit organisations the unique opportunity to learn from seasoned experts on the theme -  Resource and Partnership Mobilisation. This training - fully sponsored by Access Bank Plc - will equip you with the requisite skills to properly attract, create, and sustain new resources and partnerships as well as develop the financial systems that will safeguard the resources raised.

The workshop is scheduled to hold in Lagos, Nigeria on Thursday, June 29, 2017.

CSR-in-Action, in partnership with Access Bank, invites you to apply for the fifth in a stream of courses under the CSO Professionalism and Effectiveness Therapy (C-PET) Workshop. The first four courses have been met with much enthusiasm by participants, with a satisfactory rate of 95%. This feedback has encouraged us to further build on this success by extending this invaluable opportunity to even more organisations.


In September 2015, Access Bank and the College of Sustainable Citizenship entered an agreement to develop capacity for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Nigeria; to train at least 1000 CSOs by 2016.

CSOs have been widely recognised as the essential ‘third’ sector due to the positive influence their operations have on the state and the market. They are, therefore seen as an increasingly important agent for promoting elements of good governance including transparency, effectiveness, openness, responsiveness and accountability.  

CSOs have been active in Nigeria since the 1930s and have since then grown into an increasing number of over 800 CSOs (as recorded by the Nigerian Network of NGOs (NNNGO)). The role of CSOs in sustainable development cannot be overemphasised. Unfortunately, CSO operations have been plagued with recurrent challenges, which indicate that some CSOs are incapacitated to achieve these goals. Based on research into this key sector, some recurrent challenges identified were: planning, implementation, financing, monitoring, and professional writing & communication.  

Our partnership is, therefore, a tripartite approach to achieve the following through various capacity development initiatives. Our partnership aims:

  1. To provide affordable and relevant capacity building training to CSOs
  2. To inspire and drive professional ethics in the business operations of CSOs, thereby driving sustainability in social investment projects
  3. To create new solutions to the prevalent challenges faced by private organisations in seeking partnerships with CSOs

Criteria for selection

  • NGOs must have and provide Certificate of Incorporation
  • Only one member of the NGO can attend the workshop (position/designation of representing delegate within your organisation must be relevant to the training provided)
  • Proof of past experiences will be needed.


Ms. Yemisi Ransome-Kuti – Lead Facilitator

The Founder & Immediate Past Chairperson of the Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO), & Senatorial Candidate for Lagos Central during the 2011 elections has worked with Multinationals, Ministries, Broadcasting Stations, and International Organizations as National Coordinator, Managing Director, Marketer, Newscaster and Producer, Chief Executive, Director General and Consultant. 

Organizations she worked with include Shell Nigeria Limited (Now Conoil), Institute of International Affairs, National AIDS/STD Control Programme (NASCP), Federal Ministry of Health Social Services, Western Nigerian Television Station (WNTV) & Western Nigerian Broadcasting Station (WNBS), International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA), BBC London and the World Bank. 


Mr. Olusola Amusan - Facilitator

Olusola Amusan is a Serial Entrepreneur, a trainer, conference speaker, author, on air personality, rural development advocate and local Development Professional – widely acclaimed as Africa’s Youngest Growth Consultant. In April of 2014 he became one of Nigeria’s two chair-delegates for the Euro African Youth Parliament in Berlin Germany.

Olusola Amusan is passionate about proffering solutions to Africa’s most prominent challenges of Education, poverty and poor leadership, through the effective distribution, deployment and use of software, hardware and internet technology, using the most sustainable technical/business models.

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