Balance vs. Fairness: You Decide Which is Better.

Per the Oxford dictionary, equality is defined as having the same rights or status; free from discrimination of disadvantage; while equity, implies fairness, impartiality.

It, therefore, follows that gender equality implies that, “both men and women should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on their gender.” Reports state that this is the objective of the United Nat

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Leadership in Developing Countries

“True leaders don’t create more followers; they create more leaders”- Tom Peters

Since the beginning of time, the definition of leadership has been heavily computed by personal orientation. While some have seen it as unequivocal access to ultimate power, others have seen it as an opportunity to serve the society in all humility. Whichever way, leadership remains a crucial element in framing a society; and when in the wrong hands, the consequences are catastrophic for

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Junior Chamber International (JCI) Victoria Island – International Women’s Day 2017

Lagos, Sunday, 19th March 2017 - According to the World Bank, females comprise almost one-half of the world population. Unfortunately, we find that this sect of the population has gone grossly underutilised and unrecognised in the past. Today, more conscious effort is being made to promote equal opportunities for women in the workplace, in the society, and even in politics, but the onus also falls on women to build themselves up and take their rightful place today’s world. In light of t

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