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    6th Sustainability in the Extractive Industry Conference
    THEME: Building Local for Global
    Date: July 19-20, Location: Abuja.

Towards The Bleak Future of Crude

As the current state of the oil industry portrays an optimistic outlook, what can Nigeria learn from the famous story of Noah who di... Aug 12th, 2017

Oil Price Volatility: How Can Oil

The volatility of oil price in the last few years has continued to put pressure on government’s revenue projection and on prof... Aug 12th, 2017

Mobil Nigeria Changes Name to 11

Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc has changed its name to 11 Plc, an official has said.

A notice dated August 8, posted to the Nigerian ... Aug 12th, 2017

Matching MSMEs with funders

We are connecting Micro, Small and Medium entrprise with corporate investor see how your organisation can get involved or benefit

Tweet meet with Aisha Yesufu

Day of Social Justice - In order to use this special day to showcase how citizens can personally contribute to... Learn more