For every report, indicators are directed towards policy concerns and they point towards successful outcomes and conclusions for policy

Spotlight Initiatives

We highlight the acivities of each company that show their approach to sustainability, corporate social responsibility focus and project achievements.

Sector Analysis

In our bid to meet higher expectations, we ensure we carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis on data gathered from various organisations and try to prepare an unbiased ranking of these organisations based on their involvement in CSR.

Why you should read our reports


A compelling resource for business managers, investors, academia and students, who reach out for more information.

Our report empowers consumers, NGOs, analysts, local and international stakeholders, and students to enable them make informed decisions about companies they interact with, including knowledge about their social investments, attitude to employees, progress and approach to the triple bottom line and for easy access to information during research.

Also, companies can take advantage of these report to self-evaluate their own performance as well as improve on their CSR activities.

Key focus areas of CSIR: Nigeria

sustainable development goals
sustainability accounting standard board
social, economic and environmental

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