About CSIR

CSIR was launched at the 2nd National Economic Summit in 2011. It aims to showcase social accountability practices/impact of companies in Nigeria and present the sustainability approach of companies in line with their workplace policies, community development projects and approach to environmental sustainability

CSIR Overview

Our annual Corporate Sustainable Investor Report (CSIR) is the latest, revamped and rebranded version of our flagship report, Corporate Social Investment Report, which was a high quality data bank for the social investment activities of organisations that had its first publication in 2013. The Report is the first ever widely disseminated and inclusive compendium which covers all sustainability activities all over Nigeria every year, inclusive of indigenous businesses, multinationals, governments and multi-lateral partnerships, and is modelled after international reports on sustainable investment.

  • The CSIR is the first and only comprehensive report on Corporate Sustainability in Nigeria
  • It was launched at the 17th Nigerian Economic Summit in 2011
  • The CSIR encourages participation in and accurate reporting of sustainability practices by organisations in Nigeria through peer-based performance rankings.
  • Running for its 4th year
  • Presents the sustainability approach of companies in line with their workplace policies, social responsibility and environmental sustainability
  • Disseminated extensively beyond Nigeria
  • A compelling resource for investors, business managers, academia and students, who reach out to us for more information
  • Available freely online


2012 Corporate Social Investor Report

In 2012, CSR-in-Action released the premier CSIR which was endorsed by the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, the report was launched at the 17th Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja. A total of 98 organisations was represented in this compendium of which 69 private sector companies was reviewed.

2013 Corporate Social Investor Report

In 2013, the 3C-Index was introduced into the report, a performance index to measure and rank organisations according to their sustainability performance, against industry and best practise standards. A total of 92 private sector companies was reviewed in the 2013 report.

2014 Corporate Social Investor Report

In 2014, we produced a more robust report; an encyclopaedia of corporate strategies adopted by companies in the quest for sustainability with support from Accenture and Ernst & Young. The aim of the 2014 CSIR was to show how Nigeria’s sustainability approach and performance has change over the course of time as illustrated by the actions of Nigeria's leading companies. A total of 59 companies across 7 sectors (to ensure a more qualitative report) was reviewed in the 2014 report.

Target Audience

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