2013 Corporate Sustainable Investor Report


In 2013, the 3C-Index was introduced into the report, a performance index to measure and rank organisations according to their sustainability performance, against industry and best practise standards. A total of 92 private sector companies was reviewed in the 2013 Corporate Social Investor Report.

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Bekeme Masade, Executive Director,
CSR-in-Action (CiA)

As I like to say “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the religion of corporates and as with major religions, obedience is better than sacrifice.” To continue with religious analogy, that is not to say that all have not sinned. Our organization, CSR-in-Action, continually seeks to bring about that change by drawing on all parties from the east and west, diverse tribes and diverse viewpoints in order to bring about cohesive and sustainable development. By reading through this compilation, it is our belief that organisations will learn to behave better by learning from examples set by their peers.In today’s world, the average citizenry have become concerned with the machinations of government and business responsibility. In that stead, businesses have to be responsible, whether by choice or rule, in order to remain relevant and sustainable in the ever changing global economy. Our report empowers consumers, NGOs, analysts and local and international stakeholders to be able to make informed choices about companies they interact with, including knowledge about their social investments, attitude to employees, progress and approach to the triple bottom line.

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With the addition of 23 new sectors, browse through the 2013 report for information about what private sector businesses, foundations, multinational organisations and other economic players have been up to between September 2012 and September 2013.

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Olajobi Makinwa Head, Transparency & Anti-corruption Initiatives,
United Nations Global Compact
This compendium on collective social investments in Nigeria is highly laudable. I cannot stress the importance of collaboration among all stakehodrs to promote corporate sustainability in Nigeria.
Wayne Visser, Founder,
CSR international
Shinning a spotlight on companies that are leading the soial responsibility & sustainability movement in Nigeria - as the Collective Social Investor Report: Nigeria 2013 does - is an important way to reward pioneers & inspire best practise.
Yusi Turell, Executive Director,
University of New Hampshire Carsey's Institute Center on Social Innovation & Finance.
We have an amazng opportunity to advance corporate social responsibility to become a catalyst that can launch thousands of young social enterpreneurs who envision a properous & socially equitable Nigeria for the generation & generations to come.

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