Triple Bottom line (TBL)


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Course Overview

TBL is an accounting framework that measures the financial, social, and environmental effects of a firm’s performance, pointing to its viability as a sustainable organization. It focuses on three dimensions of performance: social (People), environmental (Planet) and financial (Profit), giving right to it being commonly referred to as the 3Ps. Triple bottom line thinking holds that a company should combine standard metrics of financial success to environmental stewardship and social justice.


In this course, the concept of sustainability would be explained alongside the reason for the increasing popularity of running sustainable businesses. The Triple Bottom Line framework would also be expounded on in regard to how the sustainability practises of all businesses rely on the sustainability of the world’s resources.


Who Should Attend?

Managers, Business Professionals, Eco-entrepreneurs and other interested Participants from diverse departments and sectors including:

  • finance
  • sustainability
  • investment
  • government
  • NGOs
  • industry, and
  • tertiary education




  • describe the relationship between business, humanity, and nature
  • discuss how sustainable practices can help a business and its surroundings
  • measure the TBL performance of businesses
  • consider and discuss case studies of successful TBLs
  • recognize the interaction between human activities and the earth’s ecosystems and natural resources
  • identify sustainable business practise in relation to threats that human activities pose on the ecosystems

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