Making Corporate Social Responsibility Work


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Course Overview

CSR is a central business quality for any success aspiring corporation. It requires that a corporation blends its business goals with societal expectations. This then begs to be addressed certain intricate questions such as: What obligations should businesses have to their host societies? Can the interests be aligned between corporations and stakeholders, or must there be inherent conflict?

This course aims to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to help formulate, implement and manage a socially responsible agenda. We will help you achieve this through exposure to a number of different disciplines associated with the articulation of CSR and as well as case scenarios.


Who Should Attend?

Professionals and Consultants in the Public Sector, NGOs, Civil Society Organisations, Managers and Officers from the following departments:

  • Credit/Risk Assessment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Compliance
  • Legal Officers
  • Sustainability Communications or Assurance
  • Community and Investor Relations.





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