Integrated Reporting (IR)


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Course Overview

Integrated reporting incorporates clear concise communication on how all organization’s strategy, governance, performance, and prospects lead to value creation. It drives holistic thinking of organisational decisions and strategies that impact on investor and stakeholder confidence as well as continuous performance upgrade.


In this course, professionals are exposed to integrated thinking as it pertains to value creation, with emphasis to encourage better decision making, accountability, openness, and a longer-term outlook, all of which are crucial to the sustainability of businesses. It is aimed at enhancing professionals’ grasp of a company in its entirety, including how it demonstrates governance and management in addition to how it creates and sustains value. It enables management to make more productive resource allocation decisions, leading to better economic stability.


Who Should Attend?

Entrepreneurs, Managers, Officers, and Regulators from diverse departments including finance, Accounting, investment, sustainability, compliance, strategy, and innovation.






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