Our mandate


CSR-in-Action is Africa’s foremost independent ethical action network. As advocates of collective responsibility towards superior social values, we are devoted to the advancement of social ethics, social responsibility and corporate governance in Africa.

As a first-rate non-profit with a culture of quality and accuracy, CiA prides as an organisation of many firsts:

  • First social networking platform for collective social development activities in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Comprehensive compilation in book form of the nation’s sustainable development report titled: ‘The Collective Social Investment Report: Nigeria 2012 (revised and expanded edition in 2013) –a detailed encyclopaedia of CSR activities of the private and public sectors in Nigeria
  • First UNFCCC-NWP private sector member in Nigeria
  • First initiator of sustainability reporting in the nation through the world acclaimed Global Reporting Initiative Framework
  • First indigenous company to provide non-financial audit services to companies in Nigeria with an AA1000 Assurance certificate.


To be the one-stop, fit-for-purpose partner of all stakeholders, driving collective social action in Africa towards creating sustainable shared value.


To redefine the sustainability terrain in Africa, through collaborative strategies with stakeholders in order to attain unprecedented levels of corporate governance, workplace ethics and sustainable philanthropy.

Our core objectives are geared towards:

  • Promoting collective growth in Nigeria, with a view to developing Africa as a continent
  • Driving the achievement of the SDGs
  • Growing a new generation of ethical and socially-consious citizens
  • Providing a one-stop data bank for all related activities
  • Becoming the trusted partner on sustainability initiatives, including stakeholder engagement, community and grassroots development.