Our Store

Our Store

At CSR-in-Action Advocacy, our goal is to provide our members and other sustainability advocates with a holistic experience. As a result, our product offerings are close to the hearts of our target audience and may be accessed by private sector companies, government and multilateral agencies. We have partnered with professional partners to make these products readily available in Nigeria and West Africa.

*Good Citizen Lapel Pins

Diagnostic Kits

Our Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) products have gone through exhaustive clinical tests and quality evaluation to meet global standards and country specific regulations. Our products have attained WHO, CE, and ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications. Furthermore, our brand of RDTs products has been certified and granted registration in the Nigerian market by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). They are low-priced and have received international acclaim. Our RDT’s include Malaria, HIV and Pregnancy.

Medical Equipment Supplies and Services (MES)

Our MES Department covers various fields of medical activities to include equipment used in Imaging and X-ray, Operating Theatres, Surgical Instrumentation, Cardiology, Gynaecology & Neonatology, Neurology, Orthopraxis, Nephrology, Optometry, Pulmonary, Gastrology, Laboratories, Trauma, Intensive Care and Pathology. We also supply medical equipment and hospital furniture, including Ivac’s, Blood Pressure Equipment and Monitors, Hospital Beds, Stretchers, Wheel Chairs, Various Carts and Trolleys, Examination Beds, Physiological Monitors, Nursing Stations, Mosquito Nets, Mobile Computer Labs, Mobile Clinics, etc.

Hearing Aids

We have available hearing aids ranging from basic to fully digitalised, state-of-the art technology. Our earpieces come without standing features for exceptional sound clarity, extreme comfort (barely noticeable. Custom-built to achieve smallest size possible), completely invisible (guaranteed!), superior automatic volume adjustment, superior automatic background noise reduction and automatic feedback suppression.

Dialysis Machines

We can take orders and make deliveries for state-of-the-art and reasonably-priced dialysis machines.

Water Purification Systems

Lack of access to clean water is the second biggest culprit for child mortality, after respiratory infections, accounting for 15% of child deaths globally, and 18% of child deaths in the poorest countries. Our Meckow Aquapur Water Purification System produces 1000litres of water every hour for a community of 2000 people to benefit from. One benefit of our system is that it helps communities retain their stream-going culture.

Green Technology

Our offerings include Cook Stoves, Solar Lanterns and Solar Phone Charging Systems. The environmentally friendly stove fuels are produced locally in Nigeria.

Seeker Software

We supply this ground-breaking tool designed by Afrigrants to improve the efficiency and productivity of non-profit organizations. The software simplifies the process of seeking grants, writing reports, drawing implementation plans and organizing work processes.

For enquiries or orders, please contact us on products@csr-in-action.org

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